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Artistic details

On the interior of the villa, the main cross-shaped room was restored in 1800, and is luminous, enriched with difference shades of marble, complementing the pinkish Venetian floor and the decorated beams.
On either side are the lateral rooms, recently restored, frescoed by the most famous artists of the period, such as G.B. Zelotti (1526 - 1596), Dario Varotari (1593 - 1596) the Flemish Ludovico Toeput "il Pozzoserrato" (1550 - 1603), and P. Veronese (1528 - 1588)

Salone dei Pianeti

Venere e Cupido



San Pietro

La creazione

Salone dei cavalli


Porta dipinta

Stemma Pisani


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